Moving Quotes: How to Get In-Home Estimates From Local Movers

While every move is bound to involve some unforeseen expenses, estimating costs accurately enough to begin budgeting for a move helps to ensure that the financial costs of a move are less likely to get out of hand. A moving budget is a powerful tool, one that can allow households to save more than they might expect. From rudimentary expenses like packing materials and equipment rentals to the specialty services and additional resources needed to transport hard-to-move items or to relocate aging family members, obtaining a service quote or estimate is the first step towards planning a cost-effective move.

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Binding and Non-Binding Estimates

While non-binding estimates are often less accurate, they can also be obtained more quickly and efficiently than a binding service quote. Calling around in order to obtain a general estimate based on necessary information like the size of a household or the distance of the move can be done quite quickly and easily. Getting multiple quotes from various movers makes determining which option is the best fit for the budget much easier.

Binding estimates are generally far more accurate and precise. Many services will be either unable or unwilling to provide a binding estimate until they have more information regarding the volume of items, how difficult they will be to load and unload as well as the amount of manpower and type of equipment needed to complete the move. Clients would do well to obtain a binding in-home estimate before hiring a service, especially those that have only limited financial resources at their disposal.

Scheduling and Time Frame

When seeking an in-home estimate, it’s best to obtain one as early as possible. Finding out, too late, that the service fee for a move is going to be more expensive than planned can lead to no end of problems and complications. Arranging to have a service representative assess the job and provide an in-home estimate before the day of the move ensures that there will be no surprises along the way. Obtaining a quote and making service arrangements well in advance of a move can also ensure that there will be no issues with regard to scheduling, time frame, or equipment availability.

Additional Services, Equipment, and Resources

Standard equipment like moving blankets, dollies, and straps are often utilized during every move and are typically included within the basic service cost. Additional equipment, such as a larger moving truck, lift equipment needed to transport bulky items, or heavy furniture between floors, may entail extra cost. When obtaining an in-house estimate, always double-check to confirm which equipment costs and additional services are included.

Moving companies provide equipment and services to make your relocation easier.

Planning a Successful Move

Preparation is of paramount importance for ensuring the moving process is able to be as smooth and trouble-free as possible. Getting an in-home estimate can often be a critical step in planning a move, one that can provide clients with the information and insight they need to make more effective decisions. From the rough estimates needed to narrow down service options to a binding estimate that will allow for more effective budgeting and financial planning, it’s always best to get a quote before making any service arrangements.