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What is the Average Cost of Hiring Movers in Boston?

Moving is difficult, time-consuming, and expensive for any homeowner, whether you’re moving within Boston or outside Boston. Aside from the difficulty and distance, you also have to think of the timing of the move. The value and bulk of the objects you need to move is another thing.

All these aspects need to be carefully accounted for if you wish to save your bank account from doom. Staying informed regarding rates and what factors affect the costs of your move will help you stay on top of things. Given these considerations, this article will cover the average cost of hiring movers in Boston.


Movers usually have two going rates for their moving contract – hourly and flat rate. For local moves, some moving companies have hourly rates ranging from $100-$140/hour for a 2-men crew and moving truck or $160-$200/hour for a 3-men moving crew & truck. For interstate moves, moving companies offer flat rates.

Factors Affecting The Cost of Your Relocation

Since you already know the figures, it’s a good idea to know the driving factors behind these numbers. Don’t worry! Everything will be briefly yet clearly explained in detail, along with the most relevant prices down below.

Distance of the Move

Understandably, the distance of the move affects the average cost of the mover’s contract. Local moves within Boston range from $500-$1500 depending on the bulk you want to move. Interstate moves from Boston cost more than that. For example, some movers start at $950 for a Boston to New York move or $1600 for a Boston to Washington DC move.

Size of the Move

When asking for a quotation, movers ask for the move size. Is it a room less than 1000lbs in volume, a studio apartment, a multiple-room apartment, a townhouse, or an office/commercial move?

For example, a single-bedroom apartment move from downtown Boston to East Boston may cost you $120/hour or $330-$570 for a 2-crew moving job done in 2-4 hours. A 2-bedroom townhouse from downtown Boston to East Boston may cost you $160/hour or $750-$1150 for a 4-crew moving job done in 3-5 hours. (Source: Anton Movers)

Where the Move Starts

Some companies even ask where the move starts:

  • Does the building have an elevator?
  • If it doesn’t, how many flights of stairs?

Ground floor moves cost less than a move from a 4th-floor apartment without elevators. It only makes sense since such operations don’t require the use of excessive physical effort or special equipment.

Based on the same location reference above, moving a 2-bedroom apartment from the 3rd floor to a ground floor building costs you an hourly rate of $160 or an estimated $600-$920. It will take 3 moving crews to finish the job in 3-5 hours. However, if the same client moves to a 3rd-floor apartment, the move will cost you $200/hour or $750-$1150. You’ll also need a 4-mover crew to finish the move in 3-5 hours.

Timing of the Move

Did you know that the timing of the move also affects the contract cost of movers? Experts suggest that the following days and seasons schedule your move to save money and hassle.

  • Weekends are the worst days for moves, so choose the midweek in the middle of the month Demand is lowest these days, and there are no bills to worry about.
  • Late fall to early spring is also an excellent time to move, especially if you don’t have school-age children. Because it is off-season (most families move during the summer), you can get good discounts.
  • If you don’t mind the snow, though, moving is cheapest during the winter, so you might want to take advantage of that. Do not schedule your move during the holiday season, though, as the traffic is heavy during these days.

Inclusions in the Quote

Rate quotation may include travel, gas, mileage, tolls, cargo, building insurance, wrapping and disassembly, and furniture assembly. Always check with your moving company regarding the inclusions in your rate.

However, ask your moving company if they provide packing services and packing materials for the move. While it may cost more than your original budget, you may consider it good money to spend on packing services and materials to avoid the hassle of packing. They also follow a system for packing, so you know where your things are when you arrive at your new home.

If you want to pack independently or have friends to help you pack, this packing guide will give you room-to-room tips to pack efficiently.


Now that you have all the information you need for that big move, it’s time to start contacting that moving company and get the real quote. You don’t have any idea where to find them? Here’s an easy way to find a professional Boston-area mover with good ratings and reviews with a wide range of services and specialty moves for your antiques, paintings, even pool table! Make that move to enjoy Boston, the melting pot of the Bay State’s culture, science, and affluence.